a list of things i’ve been involved in, not in chronological order

eliane radigue - time is of no importance 
published by passive/aggressive in collaboration with shelter press
i contributed with an afterword (in danish)
you can read it here

asger & william kudal - tilnærmelser pt. II
an album made and released in three parts with my brother, asger. listen here

preparations for “ay ia” performance with kristin wichstrøm, asger kudahl, 2018

“firshundrede direkte” live radio show at the lake radio, from badesøen festival 2018
listen here

island shapes - a solo album from 2015
listen here

poster from 2015, performance at “Læse Litteraturefestival 2015”

optegnelser fra maniitsoq (”notes from maniitsoq”) - a collaboration with asger kudahl, two compositions made with recordings from maniitsoq and different synthesizers.
listen here

water music - a solo album from 2013
listen here