...you say, [pause]
solo exhibition at hordaland kunstsenter in bergen, february 2020

the exhibition was based on an archive of 640 discarded sound files, that i had collected from computer trash bin folders in 2016-2017. more exactly from computers located in room 103, 108, 110 and 112 at the royal academy of music in aarhus, denmark. i was curious to explore what was left in the digital corners; a space for impermanence in the margins of the screen, and understand what it could tell us on what we consider worth remembering.

in the archive, one listens to sketches, silences and bad takes; a vocal warm up, an undefinable hum, a conversation overheard by the microphone; sound that is before, after or beside. if one were to make an analogy, i like to think of these sounds as being shavings cut from a linocut; fragments spread around a table, not showing the image itself but rather what was removed from it.

the exhibition at hordaland kunstsenter consisted of three parts:
—a sound installation in the gallery, playing back the archive chronologically.
—a book with archival notes and transcriptions
—a temporary radio station in the café, that transmitted a comprehensive radio programme throughout the exhibition period.

the radio station was guested by artists maia urstad, amber ablett, gentian rhosa, nayara leite, sigrid lerche, by hanna gillow kloster from the norwegian queer archive (skeivt arkiv), it had a radio performance live transmitted from new york by kenneth goldsmith, mixtapes made by composers xenia xamanek, olga szymula and kasper vang from the institute for danish sound archaeology, a radiophonic book launch and an opening with a speech by the director of hordaland kunstsenter mathijs van geest. listen here

the book was published by antipyrine - find it here